Thursday, November 19, 2009

My Oh My..What a sweetie!

Let me preface this by starting off with saying that since Sunday (11/15) I've had a nasty cold!! Well since I haven't felt good, I've been avoiding the dreaded "H" word...housework!!! I still feel pretty bad, but enough is enough. I had to get something done today. So, with the help of my little helper boy, Jeremy, I got some cleaning done. His choice to help, not mine! But hey, mommy never turns down help!

First Jeremy and I started off by cleaning up his sisters room (with a little bit of assistance from Taylor!), then we cleaned: his room, their bathroom, we did 2 loads of laundry and dusted! He's an awesome little helper. And with that in mind I made a trip to the store for a helping surprise for Jeremy and Taylor. They both like banana pudding, so they're going to get to help make it with me tonight!!! I'll post pictures and the recipe of that tomorrow!!

Now onto some more goodies today....I'll update with what I have!!

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