Sunday, November 29, 2009

What Brittany Needs...According to Google!

I was checking out 733 Blog and I seen her post to find out what "you" need! Just go to google and type in ______(insert your name) needs and see what you can find. This is what I (Brittany) need according to google:

  1. To act like a mother instead of partying--uh, that's so not right! I'm a mom of 2 and I DON'T party!

  2. Africa--hmm??

  3. New Parents--Not so much! I love 'em too much!

  4. A Facebook wall--Already have one!

  5. A Share in Phoenix, AZ--too hot for my taste

  6. Her Black Book--not hardly!! I'm married!!

  7. To eat a sandwich--I would barf if I did, considering I just ate dinner!

  8. To come back to Conneticut--never been, may be nice!?!

  9. Her self confidence back--um, excuse me! I never lost mine!!

  10. Braces--I doubt that one!!

Now, go check out what you need!! It's kind of fun!!

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